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Past Life Regression and Intuitive/Psychic Reading

There are many reasons why people book a past life regression session. Some are just for self-interest, simple curiosity, or because of reoccurring dreams and unwanted behaviors that can’t be explained.

Did you know that everyone has past life memories, even if you don’t believe in reincarnation? These past life memories may directly affect your success or possible failures in your present life.

Who were you in your past life? What personality traits did you bring forward into your present life? Can’t explain some irrational fears or phobias? Did you reincarnate with certain soul friends? Drawn to a certain period of time or place?

Everyone will benefit from a past life regression. It may answer a lot of questions you have about your present life. For more information, contact Douglas Casimiri at; [email protected]

Psychic/Intuitive Reading; Douglas with the tarot picks up on the energies that surround you and is able to help sort your life's issue.