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Get to Know Douglas Casimiri

Douglas Casimiri, for over 20 years, has been considered one of the foremost experts in the field of past life regression. In fact, he has written books on the subject: " Christians Remember Your Past Lives-Learn How and also Past Lives A to Z."

Douglas is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive/psychic reader. Douglas is also a very spiritual person and provides clarity in his readings. He connects well with relationships, love interest and life's purpose.

Furthermore, Douglas has been interviewed by numerous television and radio shows, such as:

  • The Most Important People in The World (See Casimiri)
  • Malcolm Out Loud Radio Show
  • Prime Time TV
  • Rabbi Shula Radio Show in Ottawa, Canada
  • Malcolm Out Loud TV Show (See YouTube: The Intersection of Reincarnation and Christianity)
  • The Pete O’Shea Radio Show (Douglas has been about written in over 300 newspapers throughout the country)

Get in touch with Douglas to learn more about his accomplishments. He proudly serves clients throughout the world through Skype. Contact: [email protected]

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